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Masscollabs Services Welcomes CHAPRIL

Happy Hacking!

masscollabs services cloud services
masscollabs services cloud services
Canonical Systems Programming Ubuntu

OpenStore Convergents for everyone


Canonical OpenStack

Canonical – Using containers to create the World’s fastest OpenStack


Erlang Programming Language

We have been started a research for Erlang programming language for our mission critical applications.



On Security

Like i said here What i offer is again collective consciousness.

So Security is the logical correctness with a cosciousness of computer hardware and software engineering. We make actions, and then we make more, the more we do the more we give effort, other people will watch related activities, and can break if we fail in mind and logical thinking.

Solution for software engineering

I follow BSD approach for community design and on security issues. And also martial arts and any form of hacker culture. So i do not give up for any project but i know when and where to hack and how to hack. BSD is a school like dojo and gives the keys to newcomers to become an experienced one to teach or show the way to other newcomers.

A person is a person for another person. That is the spirit. And that is a solution for security.




  • A criticism of hacking business

Hacking itself

Abilities are builded day by day, or we lose them surprisely. Thinking before doing then not working for me. I have a collective approach to information which means i do not rely on any fields of science but build them like a source code together and i try to see the different views of hacking culture in the moment.

Life is a battleground and I just want to hack.

Why working in a community

Because we live in a world not a free world maybe as we dream but we deserve that and like i said above i have a collective consciousness, but it DOES NOT mean that i reject different cultures or subcultures, unlike that i always support people to make their own practices in some way.

What I do daily

I want to see far by by, every pieces and be at the moment. And I want to lead what i try to build.

Computer Hackers

What should we expect from a computer ?

A computer is a machine that turns commands into commands for actions. Like building everyday ourselves, we build our computers in any sense.

  • Software is the tool that handles electronics.
  • Software is the consciousness of actions and actions with consciousness either way.
  • Software is the way to go for the whole world even without computer. Because it makes free my mind.

What is a Software

Software is technically a series of abstract command language called programming language expressions. But we do not use itself directly so to become a better software engineer here is my list to hack every day.

  • Learn Systems Programming first
  • Then learn Cloud Computing and how internet works
  • Learn a field that relaxes your mind and adapts you into learning whole system. It can be anything you like. Low level programming like Assembly or High Level Programming Language web applications, desktop or mobile applications.

Why Hackers fails or get interrupted

Hacking means cutting at first. If you don't hack you'll get hacked. Like I said above Life is a Battleground and I just want to hack.

Free Software or Open Source(in this context i point to Expat/MIT and BSD style licenses) licenses works if someone or a team or a community protects it. DO NOT walk alone. What i offer is again collective consciousness.

A person is a person for another person. That is the spirit.


Configuring the FreeBSD Kernel

For kernel hackers!

Systems Programming

“Different Ways” doorway project for training


doorway is a training project for disk progression, network connection, cryptography(encryption) written in various programming languages.

Thanks, and happy hacking!